World pharmacist day

World pharmacist day

Actafarma Laboratorios would like to congratulate all the pharmacists for their perseverance and tenacity.

If we focus on the difficulties the pharmaceutical industry must face, they have not changed throughout 2014: a strong dependence on the government translated into copayments and financing restrictions, reduced profit margins and – of course – the reality of Spanish households, which have seen their spending power become drastically reduced.

Therefore, the current reality of the pharmacy is defined by a constantly changing market with new rules and a clear objective: ensure its viability. To do this, pharmacists – besides opinion leaders – have known how to adapt themselves as entrepreneurs capable of turning the pharmacy into a reference centre comprising an interdisciplinary team with a range of services designed to meet all the health needs of its customers.

Therefore, today is a day to continue to defend the role of pharmacists in our society, not only in the pharmacy itself, but in all areas of industry and research.


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