What is Revidox?

Revidox with Stilvid® is a next-generation dietary supplement developed by Laboratorios Actafarma in collaboration with the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

Revidox contains an internally-developed formula consisting of concentrated active substances with Stilvid®, based on GRAPES (enriched with stilbenes, RESVERATROL) and POMEGRANATE (with punicalagins, procyanidins and ellagic acid). These active substances represent a major advance in the field of nutraceutical anti-ageing research.

Why Revidox with Stilvid?

We know that eating a balanced diet rich in fruit and vegetables and a lower intake of meat, saturated fats and refined sugars, is now one of the most proven and effective ways of slowing cell ageing.

But we often eat and accumulate more calories than we burn in the course of a normal day. Calorie saturation increases the inflammatory stimuli in your body, making you more vulnerable to disease and reducing your overall life expectancy.

So how can you avoid this?

“Calorie restriction” diets (very low calorie diets) seem to have found the answer.

In the same way that surplus calories exert and deteriorate your body prematurely, low-calorie diets appear to do just the opposite.

How does it work?

According to the genetic theory of ageing, there is an adaptive process that activates a family of enzymes that are responsible for controlling ageing and help to prolong our lives if we are deprived of nutrients: sirtuins.

Sirtuins interact with your cells, reducing their metabolism and helping to prolong their life cycle.

However, despite the extraordinary benefits that this brings, calorie restriction diets are unviable and undesirable in the majority of cases.

So, how can we activate SIRTUINS with all the benefits of calorie restriction and none of its disadvantages? Through its active ingredient Resveratrol, Stilvid®  has the ability to activate the presence of Sirtuins, commonly known as the “longevity gene”.

(Mechanism of Human SIRT 1 activation by Resveratrol-The Journal of Biological Chemistry (Vol . 280, N17).

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