What is Movial?

Movial is an orthomolecular food supplementk, whose drug substances on its formulation are able to stimulate the synoviocytes, improving the production of synovial fluid. So a good lubrication is obtained, helping to reduce friction and then, the waste ofcartilages, and causes more agility and a proper performance of joints.

Is it effective?

In vitro studies

They were performed at the first stages of the product development to asess the intestinal absorption, the anti-inflammatory effect and the stimulation of the synovial fluid engogenous synthesis.

  • Intestinal absorption.
    In vitro studies performed by the Drug Analysis Service of the Terapeutic Pharmacology and Toxicology Department. Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain).
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
    In vitro study performed by Advancell In Vitro Cell Technologies, S.L. University of Barcelona Science Park, España, Mayo 2003.
  • Anabolic effect, stimulation of the synovial fluid endogenous synthesis
    Research centres: Bolder BioPATH, Inc. Boulder, CO and KineMed Inc. Emerville, CA. Principal Investigators: Dr. Alison Bendele and Dr. Kelvin W Li.

In vivo studies

  • Effects of oral Movial on rats with acute arthritis induced by type-II colagen. Research center: Bolder BioPATH, Inc. Boulder, CO and KineMed Inc. Emerville, CA. Main researchers: Dr. Alison Bendele and Dr. Kelvin W Li.
  • Study on horses with osteochondritis dissecans (OCD). Martinez-Puig et al (2007) Osteoarthritis Cartilage 15, C62-C63.
  • Double-blind clinical randomized study, controlled with placebo to assess the efficiency and security of MOVIAL compared to placebo over function and quality of life of adults with knee degenerative osteoarthritis. Kalman et al (2007) Nutrition J. 7(3). 1-9
  • Movial to treat knee osteoarthritis with synovial effusion: restrospective study. Research center: Rheumatology Poal Institute, Barcelona (Spain). Main researcher: Dr. Ingrid Möller.
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