Obegrass Fortem the best thing that can happen to you

Obegrass Fortem the best thing that can happen to you

LABORATORIOS ACTAFARMA presents OBEGRASS FORTE, a 100% natural food supplement based on plant extracts that helps fight localised fat. OBEGRASS FORTE is indicated for everyone who accumulates a few “extra kilos” in areas like love handles, abdomen or the famous “inner tube” that costs us all so much to get rid of.

Thanks to its exclusive formula, OBEGRASS FORTE exerts a powerful lipolytic effect that mobilises and eliminates localised fat in a natural and healthy way, so you recover your figure. With OBEGRASS FORTE, you’ll see results within 48 hours!

To tell us about all the benefits of OBEGRASS FORTE, from 24 February, Laboratorios Actafarma will be assisted by Nuria Roca. This gorgeous presenter has just started her radio show “LO MEJOR QUE TE PUEDE PASAR” ON MELODÍA FM (AtresMEDIA Group). Listeners of Nuria Roca’s programme on Melodía FM with partners like Pablo Motos, Fernando Tejero and David Dolphin – among others – have continued to increase since January.

If you do not want to miss the details of Nuria Roca’s tips on OBEGRASS FORTE, you can tune in to MELODIA FM on the radio or watch it via streaming on their website www.melodia-fm.com/lo-mejor/


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