Belly, love handles, inner tube…let’s just call it the “Bermuda Triangle of localised fat”. Sometimes, excess weight accumulates in some parts of our body more than others. It’s not just your figure that’s out of shape; so is your health.

For these cases, Laboratorios Actafarma is launching OBEGRASS FORTE which – thanks to its LIPOLYTIC ACTION – remodels your body from the inside, so that you feel good about your outside. In addition, OBEGRASS FORTE:

  •  Prevents fat formation and deposit
  •  Promotes fat elimination mechanisms
  •  Has a firming and tightening action
  •  Has prebiotic effects

All of the active ingredients it is made of are integrated to achieve MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS in the fight against localised fat.

Two sachets of OBEGRASS FORTE a day help you to shape your body and lose weight. Thanks to its satiating effect, it reduces food intake and reduces body fat.

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