This spring welcomes our mobility line in Italy and United Kingdom.

Next April will be launched publicly our products Sarcodyn by Movial and Movial Plus, specific muscle-skeletal health care.

Each day more, specialists in orthopedics, rheumatology and physiotherapy inform us about the increase in the diseases of the muscle-skeletal system in the population; many of them, due to poor diet, the increase in the average age and bad habits.

Sarcodyn by Movial and Movial Plus are complementary to each other or applicable independently depending on the disease of the consumer. Furthermore, as prove of its efficacy and safety, clinical trials on real people have been developed.

Both products developed under strict quality standards and with an endorsement in scientific research, which has already become Laboratorios Actafarma sign, foresee a pleasant welcome in the italian and anglo-saxon markets.

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