Actafarma Laboratorios presents the revolutionary new image of Dormax, bringing you a MORE CLINICAL AND PURE design in accordance with its relaxing properties for natural sleep, but without forgetting the hallmarks of our brand. A more innovative and integrated packaging that appeals to OUR MOST FAITHFUL consumers, presenting itself as a natural and effective solution against insomnia. This new package represents its main benefits: relaxation and rest with dormax.

We started off this summer with dormax. On 22 July Actafarma Laboratorios launched a radio campaign with Federico Jimenez Losantos, Luis Herrero and César Vidal. ES.RADIO listeners can discover all the benefits of this dietary supplement based on melatonin and relaxing extracts that set Dormax apart and give it a distinct advantage in treating insomnia. You can learn about all these benefits and many more on ES.RADIO daily, from 6 am to midnight.

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