Research, Development and Innovation

R+D+I is the essence of Actafarma. To develop our projects, we have always been committed to reaching research agreements with highly prestigious public institutions such as the CEBAS-CSIC – Europe’s number-eight science centre – in addition to working in coordination with national laboratories and the European Union.

At Actafarma, we know how important it is to maintain good health, and that’s why we focus on innovative pharmaceutical products with guaranteed pharmaceutical quality, effectiveness and safety that are specially developed for each need.

From our products for weight control, healthy hair or slowing cellular aging, to intestinal regulators or innovative formulations in cosmetic dermatology, all our lines of activity confirm our effort to be the reference laboratory for health self-care in Spain.

Some of our flagship products are Obegrass – which has been on the market for 14 years as a leader in slimming treatment lines – or Revidox, awarded a prize as one of the best and most innovative ideas.

Today, we can say we are very proud of how far we have come and prospects we have for the future. Five years ago, Actafarma marketed 12 products; currently, there are 34 now on the market. Our commitment to innovation translates into four or five launches per year.

All our products are manufactured with high-tech equipment and are carefully designed to achieve the highest levels of quality.

Quality Policy

Laboratorios Actafarma guarantees its compliance with its own quality system, comprising:

  • Validation of the manufacturing processes.
  • Strict safety controls throughout the production process.
  • Verification and compliance with international quality standards via analytical methods.
  • All our products have the National Code.

Actafarma reaps the rewards of a track record based on effort, enthusiasm and commitment to innovation. For this reason, it has been recognised in recent years as the Most Innovative Company of the Year and as the Most Innovative Company in the Community of Madrid. In addition, our product Revidox has received an award as one of the 100 best ideas and as the Best Product in the Health category.