In early 2013, Actafarma Laboratories launched its Actiderm flash self-tanning wipes, a product that is now part of Actafarma’s line of cosmetics.

The sun is essential for our body; however, too much sun can also be harmful. Although the laws of beauty demand that we have a dark tan, this excess sunlight can lead to the appearance of spots, skin ageing, sunburn and even, over the long-term, skin cancer.

The best way to reconcile beauty and health is by using self-tanning products, as they give the skin a nice, healthy and natural tan. The easiest way to do this is with the new Actiderm flash self-tanning wipes which, thanks to their unique flash-effect formulation, guarantee an instant, natural and even tan, avoiding unsightly streaks and odours.

Actiderm flash self-tanning wipes are the only wipes on the market with the flash effect, that is, an instant and long-lasting tan due to the combination of latest-generation natural pigments that prevents streaks due to a less-than-perfect application.

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