OBEXTREM 7 CLINICAL is not only a food supplement, is the culmination of the biggest discovery of recent times in health and weight control: the ADIPOCONVERTER® EFFECT, a latest-generation weapon to combat overweight and obesity.

Obesity and overweight are defined as a chronic excess of calories in our body stored as lipid deposits in what is known as white fat (white adipocytes). In addition, this excess white fat is directly related to an increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease or diabetes, among other diseases. On the other side of the scale, there is a small portion of adipose tissue of interest consisting of brown fat (brown adipocytes), whose main function is to burn fat through caloric combustion; this process is especially active during the night.

After intense research, Laboratorios Actafarma presents ADIPOCONVERTER® EFFECT, the unique mechanism that enables reducing and eliminating white fat through by turning it into brown fat (ADIPOCONVERSION), which translates into a loss of weight and body volume, without the risk of the well-known rebound effect, as it boots a process that already occurs naturally in our body.

In addition, due to the combined action of the ingredients in its formulation, OBEXTREM 7 CLINICAL reduces appetite, promotes a feeling of fullness throughout the day and prevents the anxiety commonly associated with dieting.

For all these reasons – and thanks to its perfect dosage – OBEXTREM 7 CLINICAL is the only product on the market with 24-hour ACTION, so you can obtain the maximum efficiency and the results expected: TO LOSE WEIGHT.

We know that losing weight is a sacrifice; that’s why we’re on your side!

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